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Serve Your Guests the Right Coffee

Espresso versus Drip Coffee

Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio

Working in the coffee industry, I am frequently asked by customers “what coffee should I get?”. Sometimes the question is prefaced with “ Are you a Timmies or a Starbucks girl?” to which I say, “yuck, neither!” and stick my tongue out.

I’m a coffee snob, what can I say!

Now that I am catering to larger events, people ask “should I just go with an urn of coffee?”. While it might be easier and less expensive, there is nothing like the experience of having handcrafted, made just for you, espresso based drinks.

Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio

An actual luxury espresso bar setup for a wedding (2014) by Latte Art Love

Top 3 Reasons to go with Espresso Bar Catering
for Your Special Day

SERVICE: You have a wide variety of catering options with espresso bar services. Guests can order lattes, teas, americanos, mochas, and more – all handcrafted by talented baristas! Also, if you have hired a great barista you will get coffee art! On the flip side, an urn of coffee is only personalized by adding in cream or sugar and is typically self serve.

FRESHNESS: An urn’s contents are what you have for the day. If the urn is kept on constant heat,  the coffee will increasingly taste burnt. If the urn is left to sit without a boiler, the coffee will eventually become cold and sour.  Espresso is made on the spot and guests can request specific drinking temperatures, too! All preparation is done at the time of the order was made. When working with a professional espresso bar catering service, there’s no second guessing on freshness.

TASTE EXPERIENCE: With an urn of coffee the taste experience is non-conversational, if its sole purpose is to caffeinate. With espresso, the overall experience is like this:

“After admiring the coffee art made specially for you, your first sip lures in flavours of bright caramel and smooth chocolate – all flowing across your palate with the texture of mousse.”

Now THAT is something special.Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio