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Custom Bridal Change Room

wedSTUDIO Boutique

As wedSTUDIO continues to grow in number of members, I had to be a little more creative in how to arrange our spaces to accommodate both wedSTUDIO members and their clients.

Recently, I had to reduce the usable area for the boutique by a third! The attached room used as our bridal change room has become the sole work space for a local wedding planning company. Initially, I installed a 10 ft curtain rod and divided the boutique space in half with ivory blackout curtains – one half serviced as the change area for boutique clients and the other half housed our bridal wear.


Unfortunately, when the change room is in use, the entrance to the private office is restricted. In addition, the new change area was an inefficient use of space – I could reduce the amount of space to accommodate for more comfortable seating and roomier engagements with the wedding party.

After reviewing the floor plan, the best place for a change room is between the two large windows. That means, however, that we have only one wall to work with to create a change room. Another complication was the support beam that divided the Boutique, creating an uneven ceiling height.

So I researched available hanging curtain systems to could possible solve the dilemma. I tried to install (what I saw as an awesome deal at the time) an Umbra u-shaped ceiling system – $60 purchased via Amazon.

It was disappointingly unstable and definite could not support the weight of curtains. wedSTUDIO BoutiqueOur resident handyman reviewed the Umbra system and in a week’s span, he built an adjustable three piece curtain system with curved corners. The finished system is brilliant!

Our new 4 ft by 4 ft change room, when not is use, operates as a room feature for the Boutique, centered with an UNG Drill mirror from IKEA and framed with textured, wave patterned slate curtains.

When in use, the change room is large enough to fit both a client and designer for fittings.

It’s not finished …

Currently, there is only one clothing hook installed in the room. I plan on installing three more and adding a white chandelier decal to the wall. I also would love the find an short ottoman that would fit perfectly into the space.

Suggestions? I would love to hear your input! Leave me a comment below!