Studio Terms & Conditions

The “Member” is the individual or company subscribing to the services of Wed Studio. The Property is Suite 201 of 1802 1 street NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Wed Studio agrees to allot work space to the Member for the purpose of business premises only. Neither the Property or part of the Property will be used at any time during the time of the Lease by the Member for personal residence.

Booking hours cannot be transfer to other individuals, organizations, or parties.

The Member agrees to use the Wed Studio booking system to arrange bookings.

A Member can change or cancel their Patreon subscription via their Patreon account. Other subscriptions can be cancel via the link provided via the sign up e-mail letter

The Member consents to the use of video camera surveillance on the Property for loss/criminal activity prevention. Video & audio may be recorded for these purposes.

Dogs are permitted on the Property as long as noise is kept to a minimum. Dogs are not permitted to dispose of any waste indoors.

There are no parking spots allotted to any members, associates, or clients of Wed Studio. Any vehicles parked in the parking lot of the Property will be ticketed and towed. Owners of the vehicle are responsible for all resulting fees.

The Member and associates are not permitted to smoke inside the Property building.

The studio spaces are provided to the Member as is and it is expected that the Member returned all materials, furniture, equipment, etc. to their rightful places after each booking.

During working hours, the Member will peacefully and quietly have, hold, and enjoy the Property – respecting the working environment of adjoining suites of the Property. The Member will alert and compromise on projects with occupants of the adjoining suites if noise level will be disturbing to the work environment.

The Member will obtain written permission from Wed Studio before doing any of the following:

i. applying any adhesives, nails, etc to any walls or ceiling;
ii. altering the appearance of Wed Studio in any way by the means of painting, wallpapering, or redecorating;
iii. installing any heavy items to the floor, wall, or ceiling;
iv. installing or placing a placard, notice, or sign anywhere outside of any work space for advertising purposes.

The Member is hereby advised and understands that the personal property of the Member in not insured by Wed Studio for damage or loss and Wed Studio assumes no liability for any such loss.

The Member agrees to compensate Wed Studio for any costs for damage caused or incurred by the Members or individual(s) in the members’ party on the Property during the period of this agreement.

The Member represent that they have, without copyright or other infringement, all ownership of, or rights to the use of all logos, artwork, photographs, text, images, sound bites, music, video, audio and design concepts, and any other elements used to produce print, online, and in-house displays.

The Member shall indemnify and hold Wed Studio harmless for any and all copyright or other claims out of the design and content of the Members’ displays due to the actions or inaction of the Members. The Members accepts all liability for display content, including, but not limited to, illustrations, text and representation, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against Wed Studio.

Wed Studio management will assign and may re-assign display space and/or work space as it deems necessary to maintain a safe, organized, and pleasing environment.

The Member agrees that Wed Studio and its management will (a) not be responsible for any damage to, or for the loss or destruction of the Member’s property or injuries to the Member, his representative, agents or employees. All claims for any such loss, damage, destruction, or injury being expressly waived by the Member; (b) be exempted from or indemnified for any such claims for injury to any of the Member’s representatives, agents or employees.

The Member agrees to pay all charges with respect to use of studio and services as per terms set by Wed Studio. 

Wed Studio reserves the right to decline or discontinue providing studio space without penalty should the Member violate any of the terms and conditions set out in this contract.

Wed Studio and its management will not be liable for failure to open as scheduled due to Acts of God, fire, the public enemy, a strike, an epidemic, any law or regulation of public authority that makes it impossible or impractical to open or any circumstance beyond its control and in no event shall it be liable for consequential or resulting damage.


As a condition of our Wed Studio membership, Members promise to abide by these ethical standards:

Communicate professionally with customers, potential customers, suppliers, and other business contacts that visit or work in the studio.

Respect intellectual property rights of others, including trademarks and copyrighted materials.

Maintain current business licensing requirements and keep all licenses and permits in good standing.

Maintain all business insurance requirements and keep all business insurance policies in good standing.

Keep the studio space clean, organized, and free of damage. Immediately report any damage done to the studio and compensate for any losses, if required.