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Custom Bridal Change Room

wedSTUDIO Boutique

As wedSTUDIO continues to grow in number of members, I had to be a little more creative in how to arrange our spaces to accommodate both wedSTUDIO members and their clients.

Recently, I had to reduce the usable area for the boutique by a third! The attached room used as our bridal change room has become the sole work space for a local wedding planning company. Initially, I installed a 10 ft curtain rod and divided the boutique space in half with ivory blackout curtains – one half serviced as the change area for boutique clients and the other half housed our bridal wear.


Unfortunately, when the change room is in use, the entrance to the private office is restricted. In addition, the new change area was an inefficient use of space – I could reduce the amount of space to accommodate for more comfortable seating and roomier engagements with the wedding party.

After reviewing the floor plan, the best place for a change room is between the two large windows. That means, however, that we have only one wall to work with to create a change room. Another complication was the support beam that divided the Boutique, creating an uneven ceiling height.

So I researched available hanging curtain systems to could possible solve the dilemma. I tried to install (what I saw as an awesome deal at the time) an Umbra u-shaped ceiling system – $60 purchased via Amazon.

It was disappointingly unstable and definite could not support the weight of curtains. wedSTUDIO BoutiqueOur resident handyman reviewed the Umbra system and in a week’s span, he built an adjustable three piece curtain system with curved corners. The finished system is brilliant!

Our new 4 ft by 4 ft change room, when not is use, operates as a room feature for the Boutique, centered with an UNG Drill mirror from IKEA and framed with textured, wave patterned slate curtains.

When in use, the change room is large enough to fit both a client and designer for fittings.

It’s not finished …

Currently, there is only one clothing hook installed in the room. I plan on installing three more and adding a white chandelier decal to the wall. I also would love the find an short ottoman that would fit perfectly into the space.

Suggestions? I would love to hear your input! Leave me a comment below!


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8th Annual Under $100 Art Show

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show
Photo from Haroon Chaka Khan

Art enthusiasts were lined up out the door and around the building, waiting excitedly to find their new favorite art pieces at the 8th Annual Under $100 Art Show.

It was a tight fit for the event – The Studio was overflowing with both art and art lovers from December 10th to the 13th of 2016 – with new artwork and attendees flowing in every day.

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show


Hosted by Art Spot, the $100 Art Show gives art lovers a chance to add inspiration and creativity to their favorite spaces with artwork from local and artists from surrounding areas. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase went straight to the artist, and attendees also made donations to Art Spot to help continue providing opportunities like the Under $100 Art Show for artists to market what their wares.

Art Spot is a non-profit arts organization in Calgary AB.

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Serve Your Guests the Right Coffee

Espresso versus Drip Coffee

Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio

Working in the coffee industry, I am frequently asked by customers “what coffee should I get?”. Sometimes the question is prefaced with “ Are you a Timmies or a Starbucks girl?” to which I say, “yuck, neither!” and stick my tongue out.

I’m a coffee snob, what can I say!

Now that I am catering to larger events, people ask “should I just go with an urn of coffee?”. While it might be easier and less expensive, there is nothing like the experience of having handcrafted, made just for you, espresso based drinks.

Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio

An actual luxury espresso bar setup for a wedding (2014) by Latte Art Love

Top 3 Reasons to go with Espresso Bar Catering
for Your Special Day

SERVICE: You have a wide variety of catering options with espresso bar services. Guests can order lattes, teas, americanos, mochas, and more – all handcrafted by talented baristas! Also, if you have hired a great barista you will get coffee art! On the flip side, an urn of coffee is only personalized by adding in cream or sugar and is typically self serve.

FRESHNESS: An urn’s contents are what you have for the day. If the urn is kept on constant heat,  the coffee will increasingly taste burnt. If the urn is left to sit without a boiler, the coffee will eventually become cold and sour.  Espresso is made on the spot and guests can request specific drinking temperatures, too! All preparation is done at the time of the order was made. When working with a professional espresso bar catering service, there’s no second guessing on freshness.

TASTE EXPERIENCE: With an urn of coffee the taste experience is non-conversational, if its sole purpose is to caffeinate. With espresso, the overall experience is like this:

“After admiring the coffee art made specially for you, your first sip lures in flavours of bright caramel and smooth chocolate – all flowing across your palate with the texture of mousse.”

Now THAT is something special.Espresso Bar Catering - Wed Studio



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Say Yes to a Wedding Planner

“Be realistic.
You may not be able to plan the
wedding of your dreams all by yourself.
You are going to need help!”

Say Yes to a Wedding Planner - Wed Studio
Many newly engaged couples are initially excited and motivated when it comes to planning their wedding.

It’s new! It’s exciting. There’s so many things to do!

Suddenly, it’s just weeks before the wedding date, and the couple is panicking, trying to deal with the details that they have missed.

There’s still so many things to do … !!
[ Insert stress ]

Say Yes to Less Stress

A wedding involves more work and energy from you than you would expect.  It’s more than just calling a few friends & family members together to celebrate a day of bliss. If you are planning to create a memorable day for yourself and your loved ones, there are many things to consider: day, number of guests, dress, suit, wedding party, food, venue, decor, entertainment, photography, videography, flowers – and the list goes on and on.

"What do you mean you forgot to mail the invitations?!"

“What do you mean you forgot to mail the invitations?!”

With so many things to consider, newly engaged couples may not know where to start. An experienced wedding planner can point you in the right direction and break down your wedding plans into more manageable steps. The planner can also provide you with a checklist and help you schedule your plans to ensure that you get everything done on time, so you can have a much more relaxed and enjoyable wedding day.

Even better, a wedding planner can take the lead and relieve you of the more stressful and/or mundane tasks that you rather not do.

Say Yes to Saving Money

Say Yes to a Wedding Planner - Wed Studio

“Hi Five! Our wedding planner found us some wiggle room, so we’ll be able to dress you up as a bridesmaid, too!

Wait! How do you save money, if you have to spend money on a wedding planner?!

Armed with a list of reputable wedding industry businesses, an experienced wedding planner is much more equipped to help you find what you need for your wedding that is in or close to your budget. Through personal consultations, a wedding planner will be able to determine what is most important to you for your wedding day and what you would consider frivolous. Using that knowledge, a planner can derive a more customized budget suited to your comfort and happiness levels – allocating more of the funds towards areas that need it and keeping spending in more frivolous areas at a minimum. The results may surprise you!

One: You ended up spending less money because your wedding planner, taking advantage of his/her extensive list of reputable wedding industry businesses, was able to connect you to exactly want you need for less money and perhaps for even better value.

Two: You ended up spending exactly what you planned, but your wedding planner was able to add some extra perks to your wedding plan by saving you money in one area and allocating it to another.

Three: You discover that your budget is much too small for your desired wedding, so the wedding planner helps you decide which areas can handle cutbacks, advises what services and products are available for your budget, and suggests various methods of finding funding for what you need. At least now you are better prepared and will have much more time to resolve the issues.

Say Yes to Having More Time for You & Love

Say Yes to a Wedding Planner - Wed Studio

Event planning is exhausting.

Just looking at the checklist for wedding planning can make your head spin. Furthermore, to find time in the day between work, fitness, recreation, family, and love to make phone calls, answer calls, remedy unexpected issues, order services and products, check up on orders, etc. could turn the whole experience of wedding planning into a nightmare.

Yes, it can be done, but don’t forget that this whole experience from engagement to wedding night should be bringing you closer as a couple, not filling your days and nights with indecision, arguments, guilt, and stress. Relieve yourself and your loved ones of such trauma and assign the challenge to an expert who is armed with the right resources. You’ll find that you’ll have time to do what is most important – enjoying the company of your loved one.

Say Yes to a Wedding Planner - Wed Studio

“I wish I hired a wedding planner … everything is a disaster …”

Not Convinced?

Ok. We’re being a little melodramatic. Your wedding will not be a disaster if you don’t hire a wedding planner, but the probability that something will go wrong and that there won’t be anyone there to handle it promptly and properly goes way up, when there isn’t a professional assigned to manage the wedding guests and events.

But … maybe, just maybe you or someone you know is right for the job.

Be sure you or your coordinator has well-supported and tested experience
Our experiences is built on learning from our mistakes, and that’s ‘mistake’ with an ‘s’. Often times it takes several different mistakes to mold us into the awesome people that we are. If you want an awesome wedding, you are going to want someone in charge who has already experienced the wounds of ‘Wedding Stress’ and is now better armed with how to defend against it.

Be sure to allocate a large majority of your time to wedding planning
There are so many parts to planning a wedding. So, a truly successful wedding will occur when you make time to properly plan and prepare for it. Each section of wedding planning has a different deadline and will require different amounts of energy, however, be prepared to spend a majority of it closer to the wedding date.

Be sure you have backup resources to cover up the cracks in your wedding planning
Unless you’re a professional, experienced event planner, there will be some harmful hiccups, big or small, in your planning. Despite having a budget, couples could face an additional bill of up to $5,000 or more for last minute changes, missed issues, or misunderstandings. Always read the fine print of any agreement you sign and make note of cancellation & refund policies.

Good luck!

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Valentine’s Day Inspired Room

Valentine’s Day Inspired Room - Wed Studio


Sometimes we all want is to be loved.

Valentine’s Day Inspired Room - Wed StudioFebruary is one of those months of the year where we can all feel special and spoil ourselves with romance.

The Usual: People book dinners or go out for a movies during Valentine’s Day.

Why not bring Valentine’s Day to your home?
I love to decorate my home for every holiday, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is just something so cliche about hanging hearts and putting heart-shaped candy in a dish.

Couldn’t we be a bit more creative? Oh baby, yes we can!

Choose any room in your home, decide on your color scheme, and pick pieces and elements according to what is romantic for you.


I chose to go with the traditional classy red and, to create more of an electric look, I added silver as an accent color.


Contemporary leather black sofas give these colors a sophisticated background.


My all-time favourite thing to do, when it comes to interior designing, is accessorizing the room. So just to bring in a little more romance to the space, I added elements of Paris, the most romantic city in the world. I think that would be my favourite place to visit next year for Valentine’s Day.

I found this amazing chrome finished Eiffel tower and added a decorative round storage box with an image of Paris. In addition, I displayed black and silver rocks in a heart shape accented with two wine glasses and red round shaped candle.

Pillows are always fun to add to any space – brighten it up with silver sequins and chrome colors, along with black underlays. For that stunning pop of red and texture, I threw in two round felt fabric red pillows.


For the wall accessories, I found two red animal canvas paintings – they don’t really scream love – but they played well with the color scheme.

I also found black flower shaped wall art and added them to the space for that pop of fun. Wall arts like these are great to fill large spaces on the wall.


I didn’t want the space to look overwhelming, so I decided to go with plain black Georgette fabric curtains. Why Georgette – it’s an amazing fabric as it’s durable and easy to maintain, plus it allows enough light through during the day. So, the space doesn’t feel too dark.

Instead of creating only an intimate setting for two, I wanted this space to be both intimate for a couple but also inviting for family and friends to come over and enjoy the atmosphere. Last but not least to just finish off your evening, I would suggest one of my most favorite movies to watch – Love actually.

The Details & Where to Buy

Leather Contemporary Sofas – Revolve Furnishings
Black pillows – HomeSense
Silver sequin pillow – Urban Barn
Red felt round pillows – Pier 1 imports
Black chandelier lamp – Urban Barn
Animal canvas painting – HomeSense
Chrome Eiffel tower – HomeSense
Black stick twigs – Home Evolution
Black and silver rocks – Ikea
Red candle – Ikea
Textured chrome pleather ottoman – HomeSense
Black area rug – Ikea
Wall Décor Black flowers – Urban Barn
Black paneled curtains – Ikea
Love Actually Movie – Best Buy

Original Article available at: Life of Elle

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Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury

The Luxury of a Perfect Gourmet Meal
in the Comfort of Your own Home

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio

Classical Panzanella Salad by Giuseppe Piruzza



That was the word that we all agreed on to describe that night of luxury …

Five of my friends and I spent an unbelievable evening filled with mouth-watering dishes and wondrous company in the comfortable home of personal chef, Giuseppe Piruzza.

I would have hosted the dinner party in my home, but my house barely had enough room for my fiancé and myself. Lately, all our hobby equipment have taken up all the space …

Luckily, Giuseppe Piruzza made a special exception and opened up his home to us so we could spoil our friends.

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio


We all arrived on location at 6:30 PM and were greeted by Giuseppe with a big plateful of fresh appetizers, Prosecco, and chilled sparkling water. We started with cheese and cured meats on a variety of crackers and flatbread, mixed with fresh grapes, strawberries, olives, and eggplant.

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio

We were a bit overwhelmed by the large selection of crackers, cheese, fruits, and meats, but Giuseppe shared his expertise in food pairing and helped us create combinations that delighted our palettes. We were extremely grateful!

I, especially, was most grateful for the large selection available to make delicious pairings. I am quite limited by my intolerance to gluten and lactose and usually I would have to nimble away on a small selection of gluten and lactose free bites. That was not the case at this dinner party!

I ate my fill of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats – I thought that I wouldn’t have any room for dinner!

To our surprise, we nearly cleaned up the first course of antipasti and took a short break to catch up on each other’s lives and to learn a bit about our chef.

Giuseppe Piruzza
Personal Chef

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed StudioDid you know?

Giuseppe Piruzza was not naturally gifted with a talented chef’s palette. In fact, when he was a child, he refused to eat many types of food, including cheeses. “I would have to sit on the other side of the room just to avoid the smell,” says Giuseppe.

He did not expand on his culinary tastes until he attended chef school, where he was encouraged to explore food pairing to mix, enhance, mute different flavours, and perfect the melody of flavours.

Next, Giuseppe presented us with the next antipasti course: Tuna Spoons.

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio

I absolutely loved these spoon dishes! I think I ate half a dozen of them. The mayonnaise sauce was spiced up with wasabi, so the dish had a mini spicy kick that mixed well with the tuna. Unfortunately, some of my friends couldn’t handle the heat – the spicy kick was just a bit too strong for them, which left more tuna spoons for me – no complaints there!

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio[pinit]

Right after the Tuna spoons, Giuseppe served us tuna wrapped in a cute waffle cone topped with fresh sprouts and a sweet orange chutney.

I didn’t get a chance to ask Giuseppe if these cones where gluten-free – I was a bit too busy munching away on the first course of antipasti and gobbling up the tuna spoons that I didn’t mind that I missed out on this one dish.

Well … I actually ate two of these cones … I have a gluten intolerance, not an allergy, so I was hoping that there was very little gluten in these cones and that my insides wouldn’t be bothered by it too much. I was right! I had no stomach issues at all.

Be warned, your gluten intolerance may be more sensitive than mine. Be sure to ask Giuseppe if the dish has any ingredients that may harm your insides.

That was one of the best things about our personal chef experience – Giuseppe’s knowledge about the preparation, cooking, and presentation of each course. We just love exploring the reasons why Giuseppe mixed and match each ingredient to create specific textures and flavours. This whole experience helped grow our appreciation for food.

Dinner Time

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio[pinit]

Dinner time started at 8:30 PM – a later start for us than usual, but after devouring so many appetizers, we were grateful for the rest between the appetizer courses and dinner.

First up was a classical panzanella salad – it was a work of art! The fresh greens were wrapped in a cucumber ring, mixed with teardrop tomatoes and topped with black truffle salt, olive oil, and a Cavedoni balsamic reduction – so fancy and an instant favourite!

The dinner party guests thoroughly enjoyed how fresh and crispy the salad was. The touch of dressing enhanced the flavors and didn’t overwhelm the palette.

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio

To cleanse our palette before the next dinner course, Giuseppe served us a citrus sorbet with a shot or so of Limoncello (I had two shots …). Some of us had the sorbet without the alcohol, and yet this dish still remained a dinner favourite.

The sorbet was just sweet enough to love and it perfected cooled off and refreshed my palette with a soft lemony flavor.

It felt odd to have a dessert like dish in the middle of a meal, but it surprisingly matched the dinner flow quite well.

Next, we readied ourselves for the Filetto Di Manzo – a juicy beef tenderloin wrapped with prosciutto and served with a side of pasta. Each was cooked to our own different preferences – rare, medium rare, and one was well done.

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio


We honestly thought that we wouldn’t be able to finished all the food. The meat course was served at 10 PM and somehow all the guests finished up by 11 PM and were ready for dessert!

Pamper your Palette: Celebrate in Luxury & Comfort - Wed Studio[pinit]

The gluten-free dessert was a coffee cake topped with raspberries and chocolate, whereas the gluten filled dessert was a three-layered Tiramisu, filled with Protofino rum soaked biscotti, Lavazza espresso, mascarpone cream, and Perugina Baci chocolate shavings.

The tiramisu looked so delicious that I refused to take a picture of it – out of jealousy … There was a lot of “Mmmmmmm ….” noises, so I distracted myself with an espresso, more Limoncello, and a delectable lemony biscotti (yes, I did sneak in some gluten!). The biscotti is definitely a “must try” dish!

Without a doubt, that was the best meal that we’ve had this year, and I am pretty positive that I may not eat anything that decadent again this year … unless, of course, we have another dinner party with Giuseppe!

Planning a classy dinner party for your fiancé or wedding party and want to serve your guests with food that will make them feel like kings and queens? Be sure to give Giuseppe a call!

You will not regret it!

Giuseppe Piruzza
Personal Chef

*Note: The above five course meal was a variation of the “Night in Tuscany” dinner.

Original Article available at: Life of Elle