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8th Annual Under $100 Art Show

Event: In support of Art Spot

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show
Photo from Haroon Chaka Khan

Art enthusiasts were lined up out the door and around the building, waiting excitedly to find their new favorite art pieces at the 8th Annual Under $100 Art Show.

It was a tight fit for the event – The Studio was overflowing with both art and art lovers from December 10th to the 13th of 2016 – with new artwork and attendees flowing in every day.

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show

8th Annual Under $100 Art Show


Hosted by Art Spot, the $100 Art Show gives art lovers a chance to add inspiration and creativity to their favorite spaces with artwork from local and artists from surrounding areas. 100% of the proceeds from each purchase went straight to the artist, and attendees also made donations to Art Spot to help continue providing opportunities like the Under $100 Art Show for artists to market what their wares.

Art Spot is a non-profit arts organization in Calgary AB.

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